Facility Floor Plan

Biologics manufacturing occurs in discrete, controlled suites. Many suites are designed as two rooms: one for production and the second for downstream processing of the bulk product. The Microbial Products Suite (red) handles only bacterially produced biologics (e.g. plasmid DNA, recombinant proteins, whole cell vaccines). Multiple Cell Processing Suites (light blue and in facility expansions) are designed grow cells in adherent culture such as stem cells and other allogeneic or autologouos cell therapy applications. Additionally, Mammalian Products (dark blue) is dedicated for production of biologics in mammalian suspension culture (recombinant proteins, antibodies, viral vectors). Finally, bulk product is distributed into vials in a dedicated Aseptic Fill Suite (green). All processes are verified by extensive quality control testing & documentation in the Quality Control Laboratories (purple) with translation activities (tech transfer, process development) occuring in development lab space (yellow and in facility expansion).